Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sitting On Top Of The World

About a month ago I received my new seats (new to me) for Fritz.  The seats, Nurburgrings from GTS Classics, came to me second hand on one of the forums.  This set was never installed before either, so it was a deal i couldn't pass up.

My old stock seats were not the most comfortable available; they were too springy, they didnt hold you in to the seat in the twisties, and what ever comfort had ever been there at one point had left a while back. 

Here are some before and after shots:

I also added a NOS rear window demister panel.  These were used in the 40s-60s before electric rear window defoggers became widely available.  These panels were essentially clear plastic with a thick rubber boarder with adhesive on it.  They essentially kept the atmosphere the same inside the panel, and thus would keep it from fogging over.

Here is a pic of Vic Elfords 1968 Monte Carlo Rallye winning 911 with one

And my friend Casey Putch's rally set up Mini with one

Lastly I removed my radio and installed custom made a radio delete plate, courtesy of my friend Mike DiLeo

These plates were used on vehicles purchased with out a radio, either because they did not want to purchase the radio option, or because it was a sports purpose vehicle and did not need the radio (or want the extra weight).

Mine of course is a home made replica.  I do have a real original one (see below with orange background), but decided to sell it in order to help fund the upcoming suspension project.  Mike did a pretty good job on his replica, didn't he?

Well thats it for now.  In the next post we will cover some other updates I have been working on -Gauges and instruments.

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