Monday, April 23, 2012


So I have been picking up pieces lately..  mostly rally inspired bits.  I share most of them on the forums, but these are only going to be posted here.  kind of the prototype of sorts.  Many are familiar with the rear parcel tool partician box used in rally cars.  Well, I am under a tight budget so I am improvising.   Since back in the 60s a privateer wouldn't necessarily buy all the factory goodies, they would usually improvise too and make their own. 

with that in mind, I have started collecting some supplies:  emergency triangle, first aid kit, small shovel (for snow, ice, mud etc).   Tools will go in the trunk, so will spares and spare tire air bottle...  but these are more along the lines for quick access things. 

So, I have to ask:  Cool or Not Cool?  This is just a very rough mock up, and a first iteration of my madness.  But it does give you an idea of what I am doing.   The shovel is being passed on for another (on its way), and the first aid kit is being passed on for another kit thats a bit cooler.  The warning triangle is a period german piece.  all bits will be strapped in using black leather straps (belts).    I am debating mounting the shovel to the roll bar down arms... 

or perhaps to a roof rack when i get one again.   Oh yeah.. and about that, i have a gerry can ready to go, as well as a vintage studded tire lined up.  now i just need a roof rack too..

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  1. Harry-
    gut tells me cool, worth the extra weight? oh, and you are installing a rollbar? For a Rack I use a modified Thule Rack - they make a sweet powder coated luggage carrier that i have not installed. Not period, but black and functional.