Monday, April 16, 2012

All graceful instruments are known

This past weekend I completed another project, upgrading some gauges.  A 912 does not have any dual gauges, and does not have a proper oil pressure gauge, just a dummy light that comes on when the oil pressure is too low.  Someone had installed an aftermarket VDO oil pressure gauge right next to the headlight switch -which is pretty much obscured by your hand when driving.   

With this in mind I wanted to upgrade the gauges to be a bit more useful.  I wanted the oil pressure directly in front of me where i would see it, and i wanted something else useful to cover the hole vacated by the old oil pressure gauge.  The 911 came with dual gauges for oil pressure and temperature.  This was the best choice for the 1st problem, and so I sourced a 68 date stamped 911 twin gauge on ebay a few months back. 

Next I needed a solution for the hole next to the headlight switch where the old oil pressure gauge was.  I noticed there was a 68 911 with sports purpose rally options on the Early 911S registry a month or so ago, and in the exact spot where i had my old gauge this car had an outside temperature gauge.  This was used especially in cold weather conditions to gauge whether there could be ice on the roads they were rallying on.  

image courtesy of Porsport

After doing a bit of searching, i quickly found that VDO, the original manufacture of our factory porsche gauges, made an aftermarket outside temperature gauge that was the exact size i needed, in black, with white lettering, and an orange dial.  the only big tell was that the center of the dial on this gauge had a black cap instead of a brushed stainless steel one.  Still, close enough and perfect for my needs.

With a bit of rewiring, and hooking up the temperature sensor to the inside of the front bumper, I was in business.  Fits like a glove and looks the part.  A true period rally option.  I wish it had the patina my old oil pressure gauge had, but I can't be too picky.

Next i had to install and rewire my new dual gauge.  After some rerouting of the wire from the pressure sender, installing some new light bulbs and wiring up a new positive line, I am in business.  I even managed to get the dummy light to work!  I had thought it was disabled all these years because i had the oil pressure gauge, however the bulb holder was just bad.  

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