Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sailin' 'Cross the Devils Sea

Last week I made a post discussing some changes coming up.  I wanted to give a little more insight into the madness -lets call it project Group 2.  Back in the day there were two classes in rallying, under FIA rules.  The first is called Group 1.  This, as discussed in my previous post about 912s in Motorsports History is pretty much a bone stock class (down to the interior), with the exception of lighting and tires.  That is pretty much where Fritz currently sits.  My plan is to take it to the next level, loosely based on Group 2 rules. Many have done the RS, R, TR, RSR clones, and I have wanted to buck the trend with my rally car approach for a while now.  Many of these are ideas I have had for about 10 years now, and have grown and developed over that time. 

New period buckets have arrived this week, and i picked up a replica roll bar for a 911 R/TR/ST/RS/RSR a few years ago at the Stoddard Swap Meet from Dave Conklin.  An overhaul of the entire suspension will be carried out this spring.  A brake overhaul is planned in the nearish future, as well as a redo of the interior.   Included in this venture will be all kind of cool period correct rally items.. equipment, period tools, accessories and items picked up along the way as satanic details to finish out the car. 

There are a lot of great ideas.. some will be implemented, and others will not.  Inspiration is coming from period 911 and 912 rally cars as well as other cars on the early 911S forum, specifically those of Chris Nielsen, Mike DiLeo, and Bob Tilton. Many will be new takes on old ideas, some will be new ideas, and some will be old details not seen since back in the day. 

Some things will be factory based ideas, but most will be taken form the point of view that Fritz would have been driven by a privateer rallying a 912 in smaller, less famous rallies than say Monte Carlo (after all.. it's a 912... the budget rally Porsche!).  Needless to say, if it was period correct, it could be fair game. 

It will be interesting to see how everything turns out, which ideas I keep and which ones I disregard.  Needless to say, everyone will find out the specifics and devilish details of the build in the coming months. 

image courtesy of Dave Conklin

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